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Guidelines for Clothes Closet Clients

The safety of every client, donor, and volunteer is our primary responsibility. We have implemented the following guidelines to help keep everyone healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. Clients who refuse to follow these guidelines will not be served.

  1. Service is by Appointment Only The easiest way to get an appointment is by texting us at 703-679-8966 . You can also email us at cho.clothes.closet@gmail.com.
  2. Appointments are for One Client Only Please don’t bring other family members, friends or neighbors with you. They will not be admitted to the clothes closet.
  3. Make Two Consecutive Appointments for Others If you don’t have transportation and need to share a ride with a friend who also needs clothes, you and your friend must have separate appointments.
  4. Be On-Time for Your Appointment Each appointment is for 30 minutes. If you arrive early or depart late, you will be affecting someone else’s appointment.
  5. Wear a Mask If you forget to bring a mask with you, we’ll provide one for you. A mask must be worn continually while you are inside the clothes closet.

Helping you get clothing for your household is our secondary responsibility. We have implemented the following guidelines to help you get the clothing you need while making sure there is something left over for the next client.

  1. Cancel Your Appointment if Your Plans Change If you don’t show up for your appointment, you are preventing someone else from having that appointment and being served.
  2. One Appointment per Month We can only provide an appointment to each household once a month. In times of high demand, we may offer appointments less frequently than monthly.
  3. One Bag per Client We will give you a single 13-gallon drawstring bag for the clothing you select. If bulky items like winter coats are needed, we will bag those items separately for you.
  4. Take Only What You Need If you take more than you need, you’re taking those clothes away from some other household that needs them.
  5. One Winter Coat per Household Member During the winter season, you may have only one coat for each member of your household.
  6. Be Prepared to Show an ID We need to verify you reside in our service area, and we need to verify who we are serving, so we can keep track of which households have received help for the month and which households haven’t.